Can Stress Cause…?

can stress cause burnout

Yes. The answer to question: can stress cause problems is resounding YES.

From my personal experience that was extremely stressful over past several years I experienced a wide variety of symptoms:

  • nose bleeds
  • semi-passing out (I fall on the floor but quickly get up)
  • completely healthy tooth cracking (2 times)
  • blood pressure as low as 90/60

And remember this was on a completely healthy (and fit) guy in his 20’s.

I did not smoke or drink.

Nor did I eat unhealthy food.

And I walked min. 1 hour per day every day.

So when you ask can stress cause this condition or that condition – it probably can.

It used to reduce me to a sickly old grandpa.

Do not take it lightly!

Why can stress cause such big problems?

The answer is your biology.

Your body is not built to endure prolonged stress.

Short duration stress is fine – actually your body thrives on short term stress.

We usually call this excitement. (lol)

What happens is your body under stress enters fight-or-flight mode.

This means all your energy needs to go to your limbs, your arms and legs, so you can either run away or fight.

Your body (cleverly) realized you don’t need…

  • digestion
  • immune system
  • higher brain functions
  • wound healing
  • body repair
  • etc.

…for the next 5 minutes when you’re fighting a tiger or something.

Which is what your ancestors did, and this stress reaction (literally) helped them survive.


What your body doesn’t know is that you’re living in 21st century and your stress now lasts for days or months or even years.

And when your immune system is shut down for years on end… do you think you could get sick?

I bet you could.

This is why you should look for ways and ideas in your life about reducing stress:

how to reduce stress


First and foremost – the best solution I found personally is to remove yourself from stressful environment.

I know it’s easier said than done. I did it with my career and took a huge pay cut because of it.

But, remarkably, I’m much happier than when I had more money because now I feel alive again.

Second solution is to read good books as they can give you ideas on how to get out of a difficult situation.

On this website you can find good books that can help you get out of nasty situation you may be in right now.

books about burnout

Third solution is to change your routine a bit. Now, this is a bit temporary solution and it won’t do much in the great scheme of things. But it may give you temporary relief.

What you could do is change your diet a bit, or change the route you go to work, maybe jump of the bus a bit earlier and walk the rest of the way. Maybe even do something wild and change your hair color.

Another thing that can help is taking on hobbies to set your mind towards something totally different. And one of the most useful and beneficial hobbies is chess. I definitely recommend you to at least try.


Take care of your body. It’s is the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn