Side Hustle Ideas

After reading this article you’ll never struggle with side hustle ideas again. Because you will learn everything you need in order to start generating additional income.

Long story short:

  • free traffic + product = $
    • btw. the product doesn’t have to be yours
  • I’ll show you how to get free traffic
    • you can get free traffic using the exact keywords
    • you put those keywords in your blog title and URL
    • and I’ll show you how to find those keywords
    • those keywords will give you unlimited business ideas
  • I’ll show you where to get products
  • note:
    • you don’t have to deal with customers
    • all you do is write blog posts on topics you already know
    • do it once and your content lives forever

get SEO website and keywords

Below is a long detailed explanation…

Easiest way to get started is affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what that is – it’s basically getting paid when someone purchases a product through your link. Just a way for a seller to say thank you for getting them a new customer.

How does it work?

In order to make this work you need 3 things:

  1. website with useful content that helps your target audience
  2. a way for customers to find your website
  3. product that your audience needs

Website content is going to be about something you could talk for days. Preferably something you annoy your friends and family anyways. So the writing about it should be very easy for you.

Customers will find your website through Google search BUT this will only work if you use specific keywords in your title and in your links. I will show you how to find them in this article.

Products can be found either through Amazon, eBay, or Wallmart affiliate programs. Or through individual affiliate programs by googling for example “chess course affiliate program” etc.

What do you know?

It really doesn’t matter what you know because you can build an income around almost any subject.


  • do people interested in this topic buy fishing rods? – Yes.
  • do they buy fish food or baits?
  • aquariums, etc.? – Yes.

Could you refer them to Amazon or Wallmart and get commission when they buy a fishing rod? – Of course.


  • do people buy chess sets? – Yes.
  • do they buy chess books? – Yes.
  • how about courses that teach them how to improve their game? – Yes.


  • is someone buying special drawing pencils and all other drawing equipment? – Yes.
  • how about courses that teach them how to draw? – Yes.

So, as you can see – in almost any topic there is someone who is in need of a product that can improve their life. So why wouldn’t you make their life easier by providing a link and showing them where to get it?

(you can see that this is not about get rich quick schemes or some shady tactics – it’s about helping people to get what they want – and you’re getting paid for your help – the more you help, the more you get paid – wonderful 🎉)

Writing content blindly is not enough

Let’s take a topic of drawing for example.

I know nothing about drawing but I know:

  • what domain you need to buy
  • which keywords will get you traffic
  • which keywords will get you nowhere

If you write titles and content randomly like: “best drawing techniques in 2022” – if no one searches for that – Google will not show your page in the search results.

And that’s it – all your work goes down the drain. And you will probably never make it.

If you manage to come up with the keywords that people actually search for – your success is still not guaranteed.


Because if a lot of other sites compete for that same keyword – you’ll never show up on the first page of search results.

And the worst part is: there is no way to distinguish between competitive and easy keyword.

Let me show you…

How to find side hustle ideas keywords?

Below is an image of keywords for side hustle ideas.

Left side are easy keywords. Right side is keywords your site will not be able to rank for years.

side hustle ideas keywords

Let’s focus on the top keywords:

  • how to draw a bear
  • how to draw a rose

Just by looking at them, they seem completely identical to me. I see no reason why bear should be 20 times easier to rank than a rose. Yes, rose has more traffic but that’s also not always the case. Sometimes more competitive keyword has less traffic.

So my point is – without proper tools you can never achieve success in building a blog. (at least not without years of useless struggle)

The good thing is – with the tool above you can never have shortage of blog post ideas. And it’s even better for your motivation when you know that you have a very good chance your article will show up high on google search results.

Because it can be very demotivating when you don’t know whether:

  • your keyword will show up on google
  • and if it does how much traffic does it have

For example “how to draw a bear” has 9,600 searches per month. And if you’re on the first page of google you will definitely get a good portion of that traffic.

In comparison “how to draw a rose” has 90,000 searches per month. And you’re almost guaranteed to get 0 of that traffic.

This tool is called ahrefs and its cheapest tier costs $100 (but I have much better offer at the end of this article so don’t buy it just yet).

Domain name

Also what helps to rank better is to have a domain name that has:

  • full keyword or part of the keyword in its name
  • .com extension
  • 15 characters long or less

So in this case it would be but the problem is it costs $62,500 on Namecheap.

Alternative domain I managed to find that satisfies all of the criteria above is that you can get for just $9.

I was tempted to buy it myself since this domain and easy-to-rank keywords with 2 million searches a month could easily be turned to a successful blog. But I decided to reward my readers like yourself to scoop this up if you want (and if you know a thing or two about drawing).

So whoever among you is the fastest just got a fully finished business idea – right here – right now.

You’re welcome 😁

Website hosting

Aside from finding side hustle ideas and domains – you need a website and a server.

Easiest way to build a website is WordPress.

It is popular and Google likes it in terms of SEO and search results ranking.


Another thing that Google likes is speed.

If your website is slow and takes forever to load then no keywords or titles are going to help you.

Google wants good search experience.

There are 3 things that impact speed the most:

  1. fast server
  2. small sized WordPress theme
  3. CDN (Content Delivery Network)

First two points are self explanatory. If you have a good server and there isn’t a lot of code to be transferred to your browser – then things will work fast.

The problem is with images and other content that consumes a lot of data and here comes CDN into the story.

Regular servers aren’t really the best to deliver these big assets. They can do it but if you put your images into specialized CDN network then your server will be even faster.

It’s because it doesn’t have to deal with images. And images will load faster if they load through CDN network. (images on this site are loaded through CDN and not through my server for example)


Initial WordPress setup might be a bit overwhelming for total beginners. However, there are a lot of tutorials on the internet and with some persistence and trial and error, you’ll be good to go.

(also there is an option for me to set it up for you – but I’ll talk about that later below)

Best hosting I found so far in areas of speed, reliability, customer support, and price is DreamHost.

This website you’re looking at right now is hosted on DreamHost.

Price of the hosting for a full year (even if you have multiple websites) is $100.

(though at the time of writing this article they had special discount so it’s only $36 per year – not sure how long they’ll keep that offer though)

If you go to DreamHost you’ll see the screen on the left:

hosting plans

When you click on “Get Started” you’ll see their plans on the next page.

Then on the select “Shared Unlimited” from the drop-down. This is because it has the same price as the “Shared Starter” but the difference is you can add multiple websites to the same server.

You can find other tutorials on the internet on how to connect your domains with your hosting and how to install and set up the WordPress – since this is out of the scope of this tutorial.


If you find all of this a bit too technical – I have some good news for you…

Launch your website – easiest way

For the same price you would do it yourself – I can do it for you.

I worked as a software developer for 7 years so I can do it much faster.

If you do it:

  • ahrefs tool – $100
  • hosting – $100
  • TOTAL: $200

Or with me – for the same price – your site is live and ready TODAY:

  • you tell me the topic
  • I’ll find the side hustle ideas keywords you can rank for (blog post titles)
  • you confirm this is something you can write about
  • I’ll find you a good $9 domain that is keyword-relevant
    • you have a complete control of the domain!!!
  • you get hosting for a full year
  • I’ll set up WordPress for you
    • adding fast theme that loads your site fast
    • remove all the plugins you don’t need
    • add all the plugins you do need
    • set up link structure that looks nice (instead of the default one)
    • remove unnecessary distracting widgets from your site
    • connect your website with CDN network so your images can load fast
  • all you need to do is write content around the keywords you got and start growing your website

You get all of this for $199.

You now have the keys to your destiny – choose wisely.